Dimitri Kouznetsov

began paint with watercolor the lessons given by his grandfather, a professional artist and retoucher. The dilemma arose as to continue to be an artist or as a chemist. Chemistry has prevailed, and he entered the University of Moscow.

In 30 years he became interested in photography and practice. His arrival in Switzerland at this period of his life, enabled him to buy a medium format camera and start capturing the beautiful play of light and shadow.

The digital revolution in photography, the degradation of the severity of copyright and the devaluation of art photography in general led him to a natural movement to his old passion for mixing colors on the palette. This practice, polished by the private lessons of two professional Russian artists, has now become the basis of his art while working in the studio gives hope to follow the works of great landscape painters such as Jacob van Ruisdael, Sylvester Shchedrin, Alexander Calame, Ivan Shishkin and Albert Bierstadt to true art.

Member of the Society of Painters Mountain since 2012